Before & After Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

Our Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment is guaranteed to leave the hair healthier, stronger and smoother while adding shine!  It is formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl. The combination of cysteine can synergize with the hair's natural cysteine, thus rearranging proteins in the hair's natural fiber. There is no bond breaking with this invention- only rearranging.

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* Chi Enviro is formulated with amino acids, proteins, silk and pearl.
* This is a great alternative to the traditional keratin treatments.Chi Enviro delivers the same, if not better results than other leading keratin treatments.
* Removes up to 95% of frizz.
* Significantly reduces blow-dry time and can eliminate the need to flat iron.
* Leaves hair stronger & smoother without damage or any formaldehyde.
* Results can last up to 4 months.



Q. What is the Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment?

A. This revolutionary treatment eliminates up to 95% of frizz, reduces curl and instantly adds shine and silkiness to the hair. It is a protein reconstruction complex with pearl complex and silk added to increase shine and strength. It’s protein and amino acid complex allows temporary change in the structure of the hair fibers, leaving hair easier to comb. Hair will be instantly silkier, smoother and shinier.

Q. Can I color my hair?

A. Yes, it will actually help extend the vibrancy of your hair color!

Q. Can the Chi Enviro Smoothing Treatment be used on chemically treated, previously relaxed hair?

A. Yes, it may even help to restore hair’s moisture, leaving the hair silky and shiny.

Q. Can I shampoo my hair after the treatment?

A. We highly recommend waiting 24 hours before you shampoo. If you accidentally get your hair wet, immediately dry hair immediately and smooth with a flat iron iron.

Q. Can I use hair ties?

A. You must not use ponytail bands, clips, headbands, or anything that would stifle the hair’s smooth pattern for 7 days after treatment.

Q. How long will this treatment last?

A. The treatment should last up to 4 months depending on hair type and how you maintain your hair afterwards. You should use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner recommended by your stylist.

Q. How much time does the treatment take?

A. About 90 minutes, however treatments can vary in duration due to the length and density of the hair.

Q. What is rearranging bonds?

A. Rearranging bonds means that there is a temporary realignment of the cysteine proteins. Results are temporary and no permanent changes take place. The bonds will go back to their natural state within 4 months.