Haircut & Deep Conditioning Treatment $27.50 BOOK NOW!

Haircut & Deep Conditioning Treatment + All Over Hair Color $54 BOOK NOW!

Haircut & Deep Conditioning Treatment + Partial OR Full Weave $65 BOOK NOW!

Please respect our guidelines:

  • We require a credit card when booking your Groupon appointment.  Your card is just there to hold your appointment and will NOT be charged unless you break our 24 hour cancellation policy.  If you no-show or cancel within 24 hours of your appointment your card will then be charged a $25 cancellation fee.
  • NO SUBSTITUTIONS. The "Full Color" Groupon is an all over, single process hair color. The "Partial or Full Highlights" Groupon includes up to 40 foils of one color.
  • Groupons are for NEW customers only.
  • Not all of our stylists are accepting the Groupon vouchers, so if you would like to see a specific stylist please call the salon to inquire about their availability if you do not see them as an option when booking your appointment online.
  • One Groupon per person.

  • All services included in Groupon voucher must be redeemed in one visit.

  • If you do not give us 24+ hours notice before cancelling/rescheduling your appointment you will forfeit the promotional value of your Groupon.

  • Each service included in the Groupon voucher must be scheduled with one stylist, the services cannot be split up between different stylists.

  • Groupon vouchers cannot be used in combination with any of our other discounts, promotions or newsletter gift certificates unless otherwise specified.


  • Q: Can I use my Full Color or Partial/Full Weave Groupon for an Ombre color?

A: No, there are no substitutions with the Groupon packages. However, you can pay the price difference between what the Groupon covers and the cost of an Ombre. Ombres start at $120.

  • Q: Can I get a two color weave, or add extra color onto my Groupon Package?

A: Of course, our goal is to give you the perfect color you have in mind. Any additional color/technique that is not considered part of the Groupon package you bought can be paid for at the time of your service.

  • Q: I really like my hair, can I buy the Groupon for all of my future appointments?

A: We're so glad you like your hair, us and the salon! But the Groupon is a once in a lifetime type of deal unless otherwise specified by your stylist and that is determined on a case by case basis. We also have happy hour and last minute deals to offer occasional price breaks.

  • Q: I would like to see a specific stylist and I don't see them as an option for my Groupon appointment when I try to book online, does this mean I can't see that stylist?

A: Some of our stylists have a large clientele as it is and may not be accepting new Groupon clients. If you are set on a specific stylist please call the salon, depending on their availability they may accept request Groupon appointments.

  • Q: My Groupon is expired, can I still use it?

A: While the promotional value of your Groupon has expired, the $ value that you bought it for does not. You can use whatever you spent on your Groupon as a credit towards whatever service you would like, however the deal itself will no longer be valid past it's expiration date.

  • Q: Am I supposed to tip on my Groupon appointment? What is the standard amount?

A: Since Groupon has become popular so quickly we understand that there isn't a well known etiquette for this. So, to answer your question-- yes, you may absolutely tip on your Groupon appointment. Tips are based on your level of satisfaction but the average tip amount is 20% or more of the original service value, not the discounted promotional value. We appreciate tips and just the fact that you care enough to ask! :)

Bonuses exclusive to Groupon customers:

Upgrade your deep conditioning treatment to the Keratin Express Treatment for only $40, normally a $100 value! Click here for more info on why everyone is raving about Keratin Express.

Upgrade your deep conditioning treatment to the Keratriplex Professional Treatment for only $15, normally a $40 value! * Repairs years of damage in minutes

  • Reduces breakage up to 80%, improves shine up to 35% and prevents color fade up to 67%.

  • Ideal for naturally dry, sun-damaged or chemically treated hair.

  • Exclusive KeraTriplex┬« absorbs into the hair to repair and seal damaged sites.

  • Three distinct keratin proteins penetrate into the cortex, repair the cuticle and protect the surface to prevent further damage.

  • An infusion of intense moisture instantly conditions and improves hair texture.

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