Have you ever wondered what some our salon terminology means?  Have you searched long and hard for the right salon but you're still not sure what service is right for you?  Did you reach the end of the internet and you're still unsure of how to pronounce balayage or ombre?  We've got you, this page is all about educating yourself to better prepare for your salon visit and accomplishing your hair goals!



ba·lay·age ˌbalāˈyäZH/ (Pronounced ball-ay-auj)

origin: French

Definition: A technique for highlighting the hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect

Balayage highlights are typically more blended, natural looking highlights.  The initial cost is slightly more than traditional foil highlights, but the maintenance is much lower.  Most balayage clients touch up their color half as often as foil clients do. 



om·bré,ˈämbrā/ (Pronounced ahm-bray)

origin: French

Definition: Having tones of color that fade into each other, graduating from light to dark.

Ombre colors are great for people who want light or bright hair without the commitment of a high maintenence color.  Ombre colors are darker at the roots, fading into lighter/brighter tones through the mid-shaft and ends of the hair. 


Double Process Color:

A double process means there is some prep work that needs to be done before we can apply your desired color(s).  Usually, this involves decolorizing or pre-lightening the hair to remove pigment from the hair.  This can be done on either natural or artificial color.  Think of it like this:  If you're painting a rainbow on a white canvas, your colors will show up true to tone and more vibrant.  If you start with a canvas that is anything other than white (beige, brown, etc) that canvas' color will influence the rest of the rainbow, giving it a completely different look.



Toners are dyes that will either neutralize or intensify the tones in your hair.  Typically toners are used to neutralize unwanted brassy tones that occur as a result of lightening the hair.  Toners are gentle on the hair and are extremely common in lightening services as it gives the hair more depth and shine.



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