We know you have plenty of options to choose from.  Finding the right salon for you doesn't have to be hard.  To help simplify the process, we provide as many references as possible to help make the decision easier for you.  Client satisfaction is our top priority and we work hard to ensure our guests are comfortable and happy.  We have gathered some testimonials to help you get a feel for what our salon has to offer patrons just like yourself. Here is what our guests have to say about us!



Hannah is helping me through the awkward phases of growing out and repairing a bad cut from a different establishment. Right away she could pinpoint the problem areas on my irregular, fine, wavy hair, and she was able to make some changes that really improved it without making me "start over" from short.

She's delightful and obviously knows her stuff!


Shannon is the best. Every time I go somewhere else to save time or money I regret it. A bad experience somewhere else today reminded me to leave an overdue review!

Shannon has always given me great cuts. She's great understands what I want and asks good questions. She helped me fix a home dye fiasco and I get so many compliments on my color. She was excited to help me fix it had a lot of ideas.  She able to get me in the next day for four hours. She's easy to talk to so the time flew by. My hair would have been really damaged if I tried to fix it myself but now it's healthy and growing fast. She did a great job with my brows too. Her personal style is cute so I trust her.

The place has a lot of natural light and the music is usually pretty good. The other stylists are funny and friendly.


I went into Chameleon Salon on a Monday afternoon and they took my walk-in appointment. I had just cut my own hair pretty terribly over the weekend and was on the hunt for an affordable salon to fix it. Hannah took care of me and was so great to talk to! I'll definitely be back. Thanks Hannah!


I went to Hannah and had an incredible experience. She walked me through the best options for my thick hair and really cared about the client experience. She knows her stuff and it was very affordable.


I've avoided salons for years, well it feels like years when your hair gets scraggly and dry. Usually I go in, say I'm trying to save length and they say cool. Then I leave with about 5 inches lopped off.

So I told Nicole (my stylist today) all about it. It was so nice that she listened and tried to form a game plan WITH me. As she went, she gave styling tips and made sure I saw the way she did it so I could replicate it at home. I'm a total tomboy and understand little about hair and makeup techniques. She was nice about it though. She did everything she could be make sure I was comfortable, she got my okay to remove 1.5 inches. She did a great job! Especially because the hair she was working with is fine, wavy hair that had been cut by me... A few times lol. I was desperate but nervous. In the end I was SO GLAD I came here. She corrected what I did to my hair with ease and speed. The products they use smell I great, work great, feel nice. The way she styled my hair (using a blow drier followed by a curling iron) was not intense, she was fast, and at no point was I nervous about getting seared hair. And I have to reiterate the tips she gave me on styling were super helpful!

She let me know that bang trims are free if she's your stylist. I'd say it's worth visiting for a trim and see if it feels right for you.

The location is fitting when you consider the name. It's tucked back and inconspicuously colored. Very chameleon like lol. But inside it's a complete salon. Very nice.

Full service. They do nails, waxing, up-dos, skin care etc. oh and you can pop in to get a style before going out. Nicole said that if you do online booking, you may see she's all booked up, so it may be best to call and ask. Sometimes color takes a while and she can style your hair while letting her other clients color do its thing.

I highly recommend this salon, I'm so glad I got the guts to try. Syoy


Came in to see Chelsea , looking for a miracle after frying my hair overseas . My hair was like straw and Chelsea did a conditioning treatment along with a cut that brought it back to life !!
I have come to Chelsea multiple times for color and cut and she always does a great job, this time she saved my life ! And she's a fun sweetheart who makes me feel at home everytime :)


Always fun to discover new shops in NoPo that I like.  Madelyn gave me the haircut I wanted and I love it!


Shannon did a wonderful job with my 5 year old. She was patient and very talkative to my daughter. It's hard to find reasonably priced good haircuts for kids. We'll be back to see Shannon for sure!


My review here is for Madelyn on the cut and color service I received. Definitely a 5 star rating in all areas. The salon was so warm and inviting, clean and had so much character. Madelyn was awesome to sit with for my 3 hour appointment. She was so nice and patient with me. She really listened to what I want and made me more then happy when all was said and done. I got exactly what I wanted and I thoroughly enjoyed coming to her and this salon. I highly recommend her for all hair services.


Got a GREAT cut and color today from Madelyn at Chameleon. Pretty little salon in NE. She gave me an interesting consult on the difference between bleach and color for the blonde I was going for, which changed my initial plan and turned my dingy blonde to a bright blonde. The results were so pretty, and I was really happy. She is a real master at both color and cut. Easy to get to, easy to get a good appointment time, a friendly team, competitive prices and excellent hair care - that's everything I look for in a salon.


We know it's hard choosing a new salon and we also know it's easier when you know what to expect.  We have gathered some testimonials and reviews that our clients have given us.  We work hard to ensure our guests are comfortable and well taken care and here is what some of our guests had to say about us.

I just had my hair straightened again with the Japanese relaxer at Chameleon salon.  I absolutely love it. I have had curly thick hair all my life that you can't get a brush through without turning into schaka kan.  My hair took to it so well I use less shampoo, can sweat a ton and it does not get frizzy.  When it started to grow out {which took a year} I realized how much time it saved me.  It's super shiny, sleek and I can still curl it with my hot iron if I want that look. Madelyn and Shannon were super fast and my sister who has even curlier hair goes there also.  Love it long and sleek is sexy! Oh yeah best part, is they quoted the lowest price around and did an amazing job.


I have very fine hair, & have had trouble in the past getting a cut that would look good.  I heard about Chameleon Salon from a friend, and am so happy I went there.  Madelyn has done wonders on my hair every time.  I've been going to her for over a year and wouldn't go to any other place.  I also got a wonderful massage this last time from their new licensed massage therapist Angelee.  I'll definitely see her again.  And I love the new salon.  The decor is great.


I moved to North Portland relatively recently, and was so happy to find Chameleon Salon located so close to me. I first discovered Chameleon through Groupon, and have been a loyal customer ever since. Madelyn (the owner) is wonderful with my hair. She listens to me really well to fulfill my needs, but is also ready with suggestions and ideas whenever I need them.

This is the first place I've been to where the stylist remembers me (and details about my life!) from one visit to the next, even if I haven't been in for 10 weeks. I always appreciate the personal service and have never walked out unhappy. In fact, they even offered to honor a Living Social deal and price for a one-time service even though I didn't buy the deal through Living Social.

In addition, this salon is really great to buy products from. They carry a great line of locally-made products, and always buy them back if you find you're unhappy with them. I like knowing that I'm supporting local businesses, especially when the product quality is so high.

I definitely highly recommend this salon, and especially recommend Madelyn in particular.


I've been going to Chameleon Salon for a little over a year and I'm always very happy with the results.  Great atmosphere and reasonably priced; I highly recommend this place.


I've had my hair cut 3 times at Chameleon and I really like it.

My stylist is Madelyn, also the salon owner.  The second time I saw her, I spent some time looking at pictures and with her help, picked a style that looks really cute on me.  I wanted a cut and color.  It would have been easy to try and sell me on the most expensive color but we did a combination of all over color and foils.   When you're done with the cut, Madelyn gives you the opportunity to give yourself the once over and ask for anything to be changed.  She also shows you how to use products and styling tools (like curling your hair w/ a flat iron).  

Give this place a try!


Cute little salon. Open seven days a week, take spa finder certificates and you can book on-line. My mani was very good for the price and the other clients seemed pleased with their services as well.


I chose this salon based on the good vibe I got by reading their website. They seemed to care about customer service, which is important to me because I always get the snobbiest people cutting my hair. They always have to make some comment like "Wow...you haven't cut your hair in a long time..." I want to say "Yeah jackass, that's why I'm here." One guy told me I really should wear "certain clothes" with the style I wanted (basically he was saying I looked like crap). I didn't get any of that here. Madelyn was very professional and really cared about giving me a style I liked. She took the time to listen to my concerns, especially because I cut off 13 inches of hair in one visit. She wanted to make sure that the transition wasn't too traumatic for me. As for the salon, it's very cozy and cute. I've never felt more comfortable in a salon before.

All in all, I got a great haircut for a really reasonable price. They also have a policy where you can come back within a week for any adjustments you might want for free. That's great service!


I used to be a little scandalous when it came to stylists, loving them and leaving them, all over town.  That behavior ended when I showed up at Chameleon for Japanese Thermal Straightening.  As a teacher, I don't want to spend tons of time on my hair in the morning, but I also don't want high school kids making fun of me for my raggedy mop.  Post-Chameleon, my morning routine became significantly shorter, and I got lots of compliments, even the students momentarily stopped texting to give me a thumbs up!  I have also partaken in hair cuts, color, and most recently, the Brazilian gloss treatment.  Madelyn is always meticulous, which I appreciate so much, and she is super fun to talk to, I often end up in a chair for 3-5 hours due to all of my fancy chemical needs, and I never get bored. Finally, you get a lot of bang for your buck here!  I highly recommend this place.


For an up and coming salon this place is fab! Madelyn, co-owner, is the best stylist I've ever been to. (and I have paid big money for cuts and color) I was turned onto them thru Groupon and got a great deal. Yes, the facilities are small and not sophisticated like you think a foo-foo salon should be, but they have the customer service skills. Madelyn stayed way late to finish the work without batting an eye and then even sent me away with a generous gift! The atmosphere is funky and inviting. It's a salon where you can feel at home at... can share about new loves and bad jobs. Something you don't find in a big city anymore. Love these ladies!


I love Chameleon Salon! Madelyn is great with color and the prices are very affordable. The salon has a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and the entire staff is extremely friendly.


If you've ever been frustrated with stylists that don't seem to listen, you need to go to Chameleon Salon. I went into the salon looking for an updated style that's easy to take care of and natural looking color. The stylist really listened. She not only gave me a style that's easy to take care of, she took the time to show me how to re-create the hair style myself. And the color......its beautiful! I would also recommend the chemical conditioning treatments. It has made a huge difference in the look and feel of my hair. Talented, friendly stylists that listen...what a novel idea!